Lynn Hargrow

Lynn Marcus Hargrow was born in Chicago, Illinois. He was born to Mrs. Laschelle Wallace Hargrow and Rev. Dr. Lynn Hargrow. He found his first Church family in the Bray Temple CME Church where he was baptized by Bishop Dotcy Isom. He matriculated in the public schools in Wichita, Kansas and Miami, Florida, eventually graduating high school from North Miami Sr. High. He earned a Bachelor’s of Arts Degree in History from Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia before moving to back to Chicago to pursue his PhD in American Religious History at the University of Chicago. While in Chicago, he found a new church home at the Carter Temple CME Church under the leadership of Rev. Allen Page III.

Mr. Hargrow has been active in ministry and administration for years in the CME Church. He has served in the local church in ministries ranging from music ministry to Christian Education. Hargrow received his first regional appointment under Bishop Lawrence L. Reddick as Chairperson of the Committee of Deeds, Titles, and Abstracts of the Florida Region. Since then, Mr. Hargrow has served in various regional offices and delegations in the Southeast Alabama and Southeast Missouri, Illinois, Wisconsin regions.


He currently serves as the Official Reporter to the Christian Index on the Connectional Young Adult Council, the task force to revise the Articles of Religion, and as a consultant to the Commission on History and Archives.


Vocationally, Mr. Hargrow has dedicated his time and energy to student affairs, initially working in Residence Life and Housing at Emory University and more recently Alumni Affairs at the University of Chicago. He has a passion for the institutional life of the university and academia.


In his academic career, his research interests include: American religious history, 19th and 20th century American history, African-American history, the Atlantic world, race and religion, gender history, and American Methodism. His memberships include the American Academy of Religion, Oral History Association, The Journal of Africana Religions, and the National Forensic League.


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