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CYAM President

Rev. Keenan K Winters

Rev. Keenan K. Winters is a native of Chicago, IL. He graduated from Elementary school in Birmingham, AL at Ephesus Jr. Academy and graduated high school from Chicago S.D.A. Academy. Keenan was licensed as a local preacher in the C.M.E. Church in December 2008, admitted on trial in July 2009 in the 3rd Episcopal District by Bishop Paul A.G. Stewart Sr., ordained a traveling deacon in July of 2010, traveling elder in 2012 and admitted into full connection in 2013. Rev. Winters worked as the Lay Activities Director and served in the role of an assistant and temporary supply at the Greater St. Paul CME Church in Bessemer, AL. He was a regular bible study teacher, Youth and Young Adult Vacation Bible School Instructor, as well as Youth & Young Adult Day Speaker at numerous churches during his collegiate years in the 5th Episcopal District.

He is a graduate of Miles College (Fairfield, AL) with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Political Science, and attended Saint Paul School of Theology in Kansas City, MO. Rev. Winters served as pastor of Bowers Memorial CME Church which he coined “The Rock on Park.” On July 4th 2012 in Orlando, Fl. Rev. Winters was elected President of the Connectional Young Adult Ministry of the C.M.E. Church.  In 2014 he became pastor of First CME Church in Montgomery, AL. He has been recognized as a Pre-Law Undergraduate Scholar by the Chicago-Kent School of Law and was the first recipient of the New York Life/ Push Excel Scholarship. Pastor Winters is a proud member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Incorporated. He is married to Natalya B. Winters and they are expecting their first child on June 1st. Above all other accolades and commendations, Rev. Winters is a humble servant of the living God.

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