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May The Lord Keep You

Psalms 40: 1-11

Focus Verse: “I take joy in doing your will, my God, for your instructions are written on my heart” – Psalms 40:8 (NLT)


God’s love is unfailing. He watches over you in the night, and keeps you safe as you sleep. When trouble comes our way, we mustn’t forget that our Father is steadily protecting us, every second of the day. We ought not to forget that as Christians, we must expect to suffer; but how amazing is it, that our Lord is here to guide us and lead us on solid ground! It may seem as if God is nonexistent, however the Lord hears your cry, and he answers. We must remain in position and in his presence, at he hem of his garment. He is not a God who is simply concerned about tangible objects—he desires your heart. If we are willing to give the Lord our heart, he is then able to keep us. God sees the pain, brokenness, and frustration. He wants to lighten the load that you were never designed to carry on your own. If we would just let go of the control we are trying to govern within our lives, God will then have room to do immeasurably more than we could ever imagine. Letting go, means to trust. God cannot lead if his power and ability to keep us only lives within our minds. So how can we be assured that God is keeping us? By continuing to do the last thing he placed in your heart; and doing so with joy.


God, I pray that You rescue me from my enemies, and continue hear my cry when I’m in trouble. I pray that you give me a new song to sing, as patiently wait and,“I take joy in doing Your will, my God, for Your instructions are written on my heart.” Through it all, I pray that You continue to keep me. Keep me from falling, and if I shall fall, I pray that You are there with open arms to pick me back up. Amen.


Hi, I’m Kianna Ruff. I am a local minister from the 7th district, first year student at the Phillips School of Theology at the ITC, and Vice President of the Connectional Young Adult Ministry.

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