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Bye Bye To My Honey Bun

Matthew 5:6 - “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled.” (NIV)

As long as I can remember, I have always been that “fat” kid who was just in love with food. I remember pouting and on the verge of fighting if I did not get my food on time or if someone wanted to mess with me while I was eating. If my stomach growled I stopped at nothing to satisfy it, even if that meant WALKING through the drive-thru at Burger King to order my beloved double whopper with cheese; yes I did that. In Jr. High everyday during break, I would always buy a honey bun, salt and vinegar chips, and a red pop Faygo drink. To no surprise, this caused me to be diagnosed at the age of 13 with hypertension. Starting then and even to this day, I had to make a lot of major changes in my life so that I would not cut it off at an early age.

As people, we often do everything possible to satisfy our flesh with things of this world. We so often times find means of satisfaction through things that are of this world and that are not pleasing unto God. By doing so, we tend to find ourselves hurt, alone, lost, and still unsatisfied. The only way for us to be filled is to hunger and thirst after righteousness which is Jesus. Throughout the Bible Jesus refers to himself as the “bread of life” and “living water” and encourages us to come to Him to be filled. As Christians we have to stop trying to fill ourselves with “honey buns” but with the “bread of life” because that is the only way to be satisfied. What is your “honey bun?” What is it that you’re filling yourself with that is killing your spirit? We have to stop chasing after our own righteousness because it will only lead to a life of dissatisfaction and death. As I think about the things I’ve done to satisfy my physical hunger, such as walk through a drive-thru, I must ask myself the question “Am I hungry for Jesus?”

God, you’re awesome and just so amazing. I thank you for your son Jesus and Him being the bread and water that we need. I pray that we will identify and put down the “honey buns” and direct our hunger towards the only one who can satisfy. In the name of Jesus, Amen!

Thomas Echols, Jr., better known as "TJ" is a member of the Blue Springs CME Church in Columbia, Mississippi. TJ is a graduate of Alcorn State University and is currently a Junior High Math Teacher and football coach.

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